Medieval Modern, an aesthetic that spins a yarn and looks stylish doing it.

At 280 West, places are stories.  Archetypal forms, pure materials, symbols, rituals: These things easily take us to places in our imagination.  Places found in  fables, dreams, and rhymes.  280 West makes environments that speak to the lyrical part of our minds, playing on themes and themes within themes to make a rich & personal architecture.  Places with character: Bold, fantastic, romantic, dignified, demure, and so on.  Places that enrich our lives and engage us directly – A place to think, a place to train, a place to compete, to play, a place to arrive, to bathe, to recline, to dream.  We strive to make these ‘moments’ nothing less than transformative.

Shop: Ritual Fire – Brāzier, Chi-Ish – arm trainer

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